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MARWAYNE, AB - June 5-7, 2020
Lea Park Rodeo
* Maple Leaf Circuit
PRCA/WPRA Approval Requested

3 Perfs: June 5 @6pm, June 6 @1pm, June 7 @1pm
Performance Order: BB, LBR, TDR, SB, SW, TR, BR (NSB, NBB, JSR, BAW-TBD)
Slack: June 6 @5:30pm
Slack Order: LBR, SW, TDR, TR
Purse for SB: $6500
Purse for Major Events: $5500 ($2750 Header, $2750 Heeler)
Permits: YES- BB, BR
Permits: MAX- SB, TDR, SW, LBR, TR
Purse for NBB, NSB: $1250
Purse for BAW: $1000
Purse for JSR:$1000
Committee Contact: Lloyd Gray
Rodeo Office: 780-847-2782
Rodeo Grounds: Lea park Rodeo Grounds NW 11-54-3 W4
Arena: Outdoor
Main Stock Contractor: Calgary Stampede
Other Contractors: Northcott Macza, Wild Hoggs
Steer Riding Contractor: Wild Hoggs
Timed Event Stock Contractor: Chute 9 Cattle Co.

Memberships Due: May 13 @4pm
Online Entries: May 18 @8am- May 19 @2pm
CRES Entries: May 19 @8am-2pm
Callback: May 20 @8am-2pm
Trades Close: May 26 @2PM


- No one in the arena 1.5hrs prior to the rodeo start time
- Only 2 timed event contestants or teams in the arena at a time. This will apply to each performance and slack and will be strictly enforced
- There will be no preconditioning of any timed event cattle, they will be run through the chute by the judges and committee to be shown the arena and out gate
- All timed event parking will be in the infield north of the rodeo grounds, no timed event parking allowed on the grounds.
- Calgary Stampede Novice Tour. All entry fees for novice events will be paid by the Calgary Stampede. An additional $250 will be added to the prize money by Calgary Stampede ($1000 total prize money)

Troy Fischer Silverworks Ram Rodeo
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