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BUCK LAKE, AB - Aug 27-28, 2021 New Location
Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo
* Maple Leaf Circuit
* Winston Bruce Series
* Kenton Randle Series
PRCA/WPRA Approved

2 Perfs: Aug 27 @5pm, Aug 28 @5pm
Performance Order: BB, SW, SB, TDR, LBR, TR, BR
Slack: Aug 26 @1pm
Slack Order: TDR, SW, TR, LBR
Purse for Major Events: $3000 ($1500 Header, $1500 Heeler)
Permits: Yes
Committee Contact: Tyson Pietsch
Rodeo Office: 780-542-1847
Rodeo Grounds: Buck Lake Stampede Grounds 704 Lakeshore Drive
Arena: Outdoor
Main Stock Contractor: Duffy Rodeo
Other Contractors: C+ Rodeo
Timed Event Stock Contractor: Duffy Rodeo
Stock Run: 1/3

Memberships Due: Aug 5 @4pm
Online Entries: Aug 10 @8am – Aug 11 @2pm
CRES Entries: Aug 11 @8am-2pm
Callback: Aug 12 @8am-2pm
Trades Close: Aug 17 @2pm


1. All contestants will pay an extra committee administration fee of $20 per event (TR $10 per man). This fee will only be charged if rodeo is closed to spectators.
2. Timed event stock run 1/3 in all events
- Parking in designated areas only
- No cleaning out of trailers on site.
- No riding in arena except for posted times – Thursday 11am-12pm, Friday 11am-1pm, Saturday 11am-1pm.
- LBR pattern to be marked Wednesday 3pm-7pm
- Any contestant with questions, concerns or comments please direct them to committee member not a town employee or volunteer.

Entry Fees:
SB,BB, BR: $70
TDR, SW: $100
LBR: $75
TR: $125

+CRES & other associate fees with be charged in addition to all entry fees as per the rule book.
* BR – Does not include Day Money

Troy Fischer Silverworks Ram Rodeo
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