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POLLOCKVILLE, AB - July 31, 2021
Hardgrass Bronc Match
* Winston Bruce Series
PRCA Approved

1 Perf: Saturday July 31@7:30pm
Purse for SB: $40,000
Entry Fee: SB $200 (+CRES & other fees)
Permits: MAX
Rodeo Grounds: NE 3-25-12-W4
Rodeo Office:
Arena: Outdoor
Main Stock Contractor: Calgary Stampede
Other Contractors: Big Stone

Memberships Due: July 8@4pm
Online Entries: July 11 @8am - July 12 @2pm
CRES Entries: July 12 @8am-2pm
Callback: July 13 @8am-2pm


All Contestants: Re-entries, if needed, will be accepted for available positions 48 hours after entries close from 8am-2pm. See Rodeo Entry Information on Rodeo Schedule.
Only cards accepted at gate will be contestants entered and 1 companion. All others must pay at the gate. No exceptions.
Qualifications: Maximum 30 contestants based on top 100 blended CPRA/PRCA standing as of Wednesday July 7, 2021 will be used to determine draw outs. If the qualifications are not filled by contestants with dollars won leaving open positions; the remaining openings will be filled by a random draw of card holders then semi-pro card holders. If there are still open positions, all remaining openings will be filled by a random draw of permit holders. If event is not PRCA approved qualifications will be based CPRA standings only.
Format: One go-round with a (top 8) finals. $12,500 held out for short go, 8 places paid in long go, 8 places paid in aggregate, 4 places paid in short go.
Finals: Top eight (8) will advance to finals. Top eight (8) will then pick their own finals stock out of a pen of twelve (12). First (1st) place coming into the finals getting first pick down to eighth (8th). The remaining four (4) horses will be the finals re-rides. If there are not eight (8) qualified rides during the long go, all remaining positions will be filled by random draw. If the 8th place is tied going into the finals, the tie will be broken by highest marked spur ride from the long go. Contestants who did not have a qualified score in the first go-round and are drawn back to compete in the finals, will not be eligible to place in the aggregate.
Turn Out/Alternate Procedure: Contestants who have originally entered and were eligible at time of entry but were drawn out will be added to an alternate list. These contestants will be notified of any turn-outs or doctor releases and be given the option of re-entry up to the 3 hours prior to rodeo turn out deadline. If stock has already been drawn they will draw stock from a pool of animals consisting of all turned out stock and all re-ride stock for that performance.
Walk Up Replacements: Contestants who have originally entered and were eligible at time of entry but were drawn out may, in person, check with the rodeo secretary no later than 1 hour prior to the performance to confirm their availability and desire to be an alternate. If selected, by random draw of all walk ups available, an alternate will assume the competition position of the contestant that he is replacing, in the rough stock they will draw stock from a pool of animals consisting of all turned out stock for that performance and all re-ride stock for that performance.
Re-entries: Re-entries will be accepted where the actual entries accepted during the original entry period were less than the limit. Entries be re-opened sometime prior to the riding event stock draw. Contestants that enter during the re-entry period will be placed in the remaining available positions (available positions will be defined by the stock contractor and/or committee based on the number of contestants that entered during the re-entry period). All re-entries will be accepted to fill the performances not to exceed the original limit defined in the ground rules (based on “money won” qualifications).

* If a contestant notifies a turn-out, DR or visible release and is replaced by an alternate, the alternate contestant will be responsible for the entry fees. If the contestant that notified the turnout or visible release is not replaced by an alternate, they will be responsible for the entry fee. If a contestant properly doctor releases they will not be responsible for entry fees.

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