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FALKLAND, BC - May 20-22, 2023

The Falkland Stampede
* Maple Leaf Circuit
* Winston Bruce Series
* Kenton Randle Series
PRCA/WPRA Approved
Columbia River Co-approval requested

• 3 Perfs: Saturday May 20 @1pm, May 21 @2pm, Monday May 22 @1pm
• Performance Order: BB, SW, SB, TDR, BAW, JSR, NSB, NBB, TR, LBR, BR
• Purse for Major Events: $3000 ($3000 Header, $3000 Heeler)
• Permits: Yes
• Purse for BAW: $1500
• Purse for NBB, NSB: $500
• Purse for JSR: $500
• Committee Contact: Melissa Seaman
• Rodeo Office: 250-682-1076
• Rodeo Grounds: 5811 Highway 97, Falkland, BC
• Arena: Outdoor
• Main Stock Contractor: Macza Pro Rodeo
• Steer Riding Contractor: Macza Pro Rodeo
• Timed Event Stock Contractor:

Memberships Due: April 26 @4pm
Online Entries: May 1 @8am- May 2 @2pm
CRES Entries: May 2 @8am-2pm
Grace Period: May 2 @3-4pm
Callback: Will be available on member login & website
1. Contestants must make every effort to leave their parking area clear of hay, manure, etc, and use the receptacles provided. Failure to do so will result in a $100 fine.

• All Timed event cattle must be pre-conditioned at least two (2) hours prior to the rodeo start time. Timed event cattle will be moved to the timed event end of the arena at the first request of members that are to pre-condition cattle.
• Every attempt must be made by both the tie down ropers and the stock contractor to pre-condition the calves early and out sight of the audience.
• Arena will be locked and no contestants will be allowed to ride in the arena after 12:00pm on each rodeo day.

Entry Fees:
SB, BB, BR: $70
SW: $100
TDR: $125
LBR: $75
TR: $150
BAW: $100
JSR: $35
NSB, NBB: $40

+CRES & other associate fees with be charged in addition to all entry fees as per the rule book.
*BR – Does not include Day Money.

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