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DRAYTON VALLEY, AB - May 5-7, 2017
Drayton Valley Pro Rodeo
Grass Roots Series

3 performances: May 5 @ 7pm, May 6 @ 7pm, May 7 @ 2pm
Slack: May 4 @ 10am
Slack Order: TDR, SW, TR, LBR
Purse for 7 Major Events: $3,100
Permits – All Events

Committee Contact: Tyson Pietsch or Dustin Dally
Rodeo Office: 780-621-8357
Main Stock Contractor: Duffy Rodeo
Timed Event Stock Contractor: Chute 9
Cattle Run: Half + 2

Memberships Due: April 19, 2017
Online Entries: April 24, 2017
CRES Entries: April 25, 2017

Ground Rules
1. All contestants must enter the Omniplex through the door on the South side of the arena.
2. No cleaning of trailers on site.
3. Parking in designated areas only- No parking by ball diamond.
4. No riding in the arena except for posted times
Friday 1pm-3pm ~ Saturday 1pm-3pm ~ Sunday 8am-10am
5. There is a warm up arena available on the East side of the Omniplex.
6. Any contestants who have questions, concerns, or comments is asked to please direct them to a committee member. Not a town employee or volunteer, committee members will be identified by shirts and bags.

Contestant Info:

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IHG Resistol Troy Fischer Silverworks

Ram Rodeo

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