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GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB - June 1-4, 2017
Grande Prairie Stompede
Duane Daines Saddle Bronc Series
Kenton Randle Bareback Series

4 performances: June 1 @ 1pm, June 2 @ 1pm, June 3 @ 1pm, June 4 @ 1pm
Slack: May 31 @ 12pm
Slack Order: SW/ TDR/ TR/ LBR
Purse for 7 Major Events: $6,000
Purse for Novice: $1,000
Purse for BSR: $800
Permits Max - Roughstock 48 Max

Committee Contact: Jason Skene or Terri Sudnik
Rodeo Office: 780-532-4646
Rodeo Grounds: (LSD) 31-70-05W6 W:118.753 N:55.110 (GPS)
Main Stock Contractor: Wayne Vold
Timed Event Stock Contractor: Cloud 9
Cattle Run: Half + 2

Memberships Due: May 17, 2017
Online Entries: May 22, 2017
CRES Entries: May 23, 2017

Ground Rules
1. Track crossing times for chuckwagons will be posted (No contestants on the track or infield until after)
Ground work 1/2 hr before rodeo
2. All stalls inside Lewis Hawks building and outside stalls/pens need to be booked thru Evergreen Park.
Contact: Monique at 780-978-7985
3. Magic Rodeo infront of grandstand. Wednesday and Thursday morning, time TBD (Contestants to attend please)

Contestant Information
1. No cross entries from Novice events into Full events

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