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Connecting with Reigning Canadian Bareback Champion - Orin Larsen
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Message from CPRA President, Terry Cooke

Terry CookeMay 17, 2020

CPRA Members

With the problems that Covid 19 is causing for not only our sport, but for the world in general, l want to touch on the current state of our association.

As you all know, our events have been cancelling and more are dropping off each week.

We are down to about 17 left as of today and those events are getting to the point of having to make a decision as to whether they can go. I am still hopeful we can have a few rodeos and at least salvage part of our season, but there is no guarantee that it will happen.

I have talked with some committees and they want to rodeo as much as you do and are hanging on and rescheduling to try their best to have an event. These committees are at the mercy of the provincial health authorities and can’t even move forward with plans as things are.

I'm not sure as to when we will decide on whether it would be feasible to still plan a CFR but the the decision will have to be made soon. If we end up with only a handful of events later in the season we will have to count them for the 2021 season.

Our association is in good shape financially and we will be in a solid position even if we loose the season.

The board of directors and our management have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our association will survive this pandemic that is financially crippling many organizations and businesses throughout the world. 

This virus is always going to be with us now and the way we do things is going to change in many ways. We will have to evolve a bit but l know we will carry on and find a way to prosper. It will become the new norm and we will roll on.

I remember when all this security at events and airports first started We thought it was crazy but now we just accept it and plan for it. This is just an example of how things change in our world and in a little while we will just move on as it becomes normal.

Let's just all be patient and hope all of this gets fixed soon and we can start doing what we love to do.

Please don’t hesitate to call your director or the office for updates any time. I am always available if you want to talk.


Terry Cooke
Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

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Apr 27 - Checking in with Scott Guenthner on ranching, 2020 rodeo season, family and Covid-19
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CPRA Marks Tenth Year at Airdrie, AB Location
Ribbon cutting ceremony with Dale Dale Leschiutta and Jim Pippolo CPRA staff 2010
Celebration cake Entrance to CPRA property
Apr 15, 2020 marks the 10th year the CPRA has enjoyed its headquarters in its current location near Airdrie, AB. Prior to purchasing the property and office just northeast of Airdrie, the Association made its home in leased space at 2116 27 Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta in the Stockman's Centre.
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Catching up with CPRA Ladies Barrel Racer Steffanie Mather-Moore

Stephanie Mather-MooreHey guys,

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Steffanie Mather-Moore, 2014 Canadian Champion Barrel Racer.

Some of you may know me better as Clayton (Moore's) wife, the one packing all the kids around lol. I haven’t had my name down at a rodeo in almost two years, and I have been chomping at the bit to get back at it.

We spend our winters ranching, putting on jackpots, and riding horses. As busy as life is, especially with three little kids, I made sure to make time to keep my rodeo horse legged up as well as getting myself back into top shape. Getting into shape was the easy part, having three kids four and under, as well as helping to look after about 300 head of animals, cardio is just a daily norm. (According to my fit bit, most days I put on between 20,000-25,000 steps).

I had my goals set for this summer, was already planning on how I wanted to enter the rodeos, and was excited to spend the season on the road with my family. My mare and I had been to two jackpots, she worked great, and I had a ton of confidence to take into the spring rodeos.

Then, what seemed like overnight, the world as we know it came to an abrupt halt!! At first, it seemed like things would be on lockdown for a week or two and then hopefully life would carry on as normal. We know now, that is definitely not the case and I won’t even lie about it, last week I threw my sucker in the dirt! I’ve spent the last two years on the sidelines, worked by butt off this winter, and wanted nothing more than to have a fun and successful rodeo season. I have since pulled my head out of the sand and quit pouting to take a look at what is really going on in the world.

Rodeo committees are having to cancel or postpone events they have been working on all year long on, sponsors are unsure of what the future of our economy looks like and the impact this will have on their companies and businesses, fellow rodeo competitors may be losing jobs or worried about a sick loved one. These are uncertain and, let be honest, quite scary times.

As disappointed as I know we all are about the postponement of our rodeo season, I think it’s important to look out for one another as a rodeo family and realize the impact this is having on the whole world. Self-isolating is certainly not how I had planned to spend most of March and April, but if we all do our part, hopefully things will slowly start to get back to normal. Steffanie

Until then, I’ll continue to get horses rode, spend time with my family, maybe tackle a few projects I’d been waiting to find the time for, and since we are starting to calve and the weather up here in the north is still wintery, getting too far from the Ranch wasn’t going to happen anyways.

So until next time, stay safe, stay home, and hope to see you all on the rodeo trail at some point!

Steffanie Mather-Moore

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2020 blog from CPRA Bronc Rider Jake Burwash
March 26 - Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls we are pretty good planners, (well some of us) but all are better at making fast decisions. In a sport where reaction is the only thing happening faster than the clock or the animal we are riding on, no one could have predicted the effect COVID-19 was about to have… unless you are the writers for the Simpsons, because apparently they can predict everything. ... jb
Jake BurwashHi there everyone

I am Jake Burwash - CPRA/PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider from Nanton, Alberta. Currently I am serving day 6 of jail time (I mean quarantine) and I thought that I would share how we found out that the start of our rodeo season was going to be postponed.

At the start of the winter run, I had been traveling with Dawson Dahm, Chance Barrass and Preston Ogle in Dawson’s rig. But throughout the winter I had to bum rides and pack all my stuff with me. It wasn’t until my mom drove down my truck to watch my brother and sister in-law compete at the NRCHA World Show in Fort Worth, Texas in February that my truck made it down south. Meanwhile I was searching for a used Capri Camper to put on my truck and managed to find one on Facebook. The thing needs some work but it’ll be perfect for comfortable travel. Capri campers are meant to be bolted to the floor of the truck box. Unfortunately I had zero tools to do that so a couple of ratchet straps were going to have to do til I made it an hour north to Chet Johnson’s place in Stephenville, TX where Kolby Wanchuck (power engineer) and Chet (self proclaimed master craftsmen) could help get this camper half a** put together and securely bolted down. About this time is when talks of the COVID-19 really started to hit the news. None of us really thought anything of it to begin with as we carried on with normal weekday activities, golfing, workouts and cookouts.

BurwashEverything changed when we got a call on the back nine of a crappy, cheap little 9 hole golf course. They had cancelled Austin, TX ; Montgomery, AL; Mercedes TX and Winston Salem, NC rodeos that add $8,000-$47,000. The guys and I started entering smaller Texas rodeos to fill the gaps and try to get at least a few rodeos in before we headed north toward home or west to Redmond, OR at the end of March… until the press release from the PRCA notified us that all rodeos for the next month had been cancelled or postponed and the winter run officially came to a close.

While we adjust to the new normal, I hope everyone stays safe and positive. Practice social distancing and protect others by protecting yourselves. We will see you all in an arena near you - hopefully this summer!

Jake Burwash
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An Recent Visit with Team Roper Clay Ullery
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The American
Congratulations 2020 American Rodeo winners
incl. stock contractors C5 Rodeo (Kaycee Feild won the Bareback riding with 93 pts on two-time C5 World Horse of the Year, F13 Virgil) and Northcott-Macza (Wyatt Casper topped NM's reigning Canadian and World Champion Horse of the Year 242 Get Smart for 91.25 pts and the Saddle Bronc win) ... details here
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Celebrating a few of the Many Amazing Women in our sport on International Women's Day (March 8)
International Women's Day
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Jared Parsonage Wins 2020 Besplug Invitational
Jared ParsonageFeb 29 - Fans packed the Claresholm Agriplex Saturday night to cheer on a field of top bull riders at the Chad Besplug Invitational Bull Riding.

Maple Creek, Sask's Jared Parsonage rode Outlaw Buckers’ A32 OLS Tubs Anika’s Pet to 85.5 points for the long-go win. While the short-go bulls proved to be a big challenge for the finalists, including Parsonage who climbed on Wild Hoggs' 594 Tractorland's Arizona Dreamin, the CFR bull rider (and CPRA bull riding director) added $3981.60 to his already significant 2020 earnings, moving him (unofficially) to second in Canada.

... see complete results here
* Video provided by Feature Productions and Alpha Bull Inc.
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They’re Back… and They’re Hungry
Layton Green - CFR 2018Feb 21, 2020 - Canadian spring rodeo will see a couple of familiar names back in competition. And while rodeo fans are understandably excited to see two of our best back on the trail, that sentiment might not be shared by the guys who have to beat them week in and week out.

2017 Canadian saddle bronc champion Layton Green broke both bones (tibia and fibula) in his right leg last spring when his saddle horse stumbled and fell on him while riding the hills at a friend’s ranch.

“Nothing can make a guy hungrier and wanting to win more than sitting out a year,” grinned the Meeting Creek, AB cowboy. “I had to lie around inside for the first month but I got back outside as soon as I could.”

Green climbed on a saddle horse at home not long after the injury then progressed to riding colts and moving cattle at (former Canadian bull riding champ), Tyler Thomson’s, ranch in Black Diamond, AB as soon as he could handle the pressure on his leg. “I tried to take advantage of the time off by doing some riding and hunting - things I usually don’t have much time for.”

While Green’s leg is feeling pretty good, he’ll be looking at another small surgery when the time is right, to remove a couple of the screws used to repair his leg. The second generation bronc rider, along with travelling partners Coburn Bradshaw and Jesse Wright, is already enjoying success at the spring PRCA rodeos. Green is headed to the Finals this weekend at the San Antonio (Texas) Stock Show and Rodeo as well as at Fiesta de Los Vaqueros in Tucson, AZ.

Jake Vold - CFR 2018Three time Canadian bareback champion Jake Vold is also making the most of his return to competition. The Ponoka, AB athlete - who just relocated to Cremona, AB where he and his wife, Sara, bought a place - cracked out at San Antone after a seven month hiatus from the sport. Vold injured his shoulder at the 2018 WNFR, but returned to the Canadian rodeo scene successfully last spring. It was a second injury (incurred at the Calgary Stampede), this time a hyper-extended knee and bone bruise on his tibia, that put the fan favourite back on the DL.

“I needed a few months off,” the 32 year old commented. “I started feeling good in the fall (of last year) but by October, there was nothing left to go to.”

While Vold kept busy during the winter with the move and home renos, he’s excited to be back in action. “I still crave the competition and I’m glad to be back. I missed the camaraderie with the guys and rodeo is still my main source of income.”

Vold and Green join a number of CPRA athletes enjoying success on the ‘South of ’49’ spring rodeo run. And both rough stock riders hope to qualify for this year’s CFR. The first full CPRA rodeo of the 2020 season is the Broncs & Honky Tonks Spring Indoor Rodeo in Medicine Hat, AB April 17-19 which is part of the Maple Leaf Circuit. And it’s a good bet both Layton Green and Jake Vold will be there.

Yes, they’re back and it’s going to be a lot of fun watching two former champs do what they do so well.

Check out for a full list of 2020 CPRA events.

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Standout Stevie Knicks
Stevie KnicksNorthcott-Macza's bareback superstar, 118 Stevie Knicks outdid herself recently when she and 3 time world champion Tim O'Connell tied the bareback riding world record.

The Iowa cowboy rode the 2019 Canadian Bareback Horse of the Year to an outstanding 94 points to win the San Angelo Cinch Chute-Out Rodeo, Feb. 15.

O’Connell shares the world record with Wes Stevenson on Kesler Rodeo's Cover Girl (Dallas, TX, 2002); Will Lowe and Kesler Rodeo’s Sky Reach (Omaha. NE, 2003; Ryan Gray on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Grass Dancer (Eagle, CO, 2009) and Tilden Hooper aboard Classic Pro Rodeo’s Big Tex (Silver City, NM, 2010).

Well done Tim O'Connell, Stevie Knicks and Northcott-Macza!

* Records information courtesy of the PRCA
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Rising Star Tanner Eno
Tanner EnoTalking to CPRA rookie bullrider feels like you’re conversing with a ten-year veteran. The young man has a goals, he has a plan and he isn’t likely to waver in reaching those goals and executing that plan.

“I wanted to be ready when I turned pro so I decided I wanted to win the FCA, the LRA and WRA before I started getting on bulls at this level,” he noted.

Well, check, check and check. The second generation Coronation talent won the FCA and the LRA in 2018, then added the WRA in 2019. And he capped off his semi-pro successes by being named the first-ever CPRA Novice Bull Riding Champion.

“That was another notch in the belt, that’s for sure,” the likeable Red Deer College Carpentry student acknowledged. And all the success has helped him put together a large helping of the ingredient he considers most critical to success in the professional ranks. That ingredient is confidence.

“I think Bull Riding is 80 per cent confidence and my family has been huge getting me to this point,” Eno adds. “Because my dad rode bulls and my family has been involved in rodeo I feel really comfortable in this environment. I remember being eight years old and J.B. Mauney was standing right there next to me. I’ve been in cowboys dressing rooms all my life. I guess I feel like I belong. And one thing my family has taught me is that you can learn from everybody, not copy but learn. I think all of that is going to help me get where I want to go quicker.”

Having already tasted a little success at the Rebel Energy Services event in Red Deer, Tanner Eno is excited to be taking that confidence and that plan to Claresholm on February 29 for the Chad Besplug Invitational.

You get a chance, you want to keep an eye on this young man. Better yet, have a chat with him. But don’t expect him to talk like a rookie.
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A Note From CPRA General Manager, Jeff Robson
Jeff RobsonFeb 6, 2020 - As we get closer to the ‘right side’ of winter I hope that this note finds you well.  We are all getting ready for the upcoming season of rodeos.

As most of you have heard, the CPRA is offering Breakaway Roping as an optional event for our Committees to host.  The Board believes that this event option is a good addition for our sport.  Breakaway Roping will provide a fast-paced, new event to our rosters that we feel will also be well received by you, our fans.

The host of our marquee event has been in the news lately, which leads you and our members to have some questions about CFR 47.  Since late December we have been working on a budget with Westerner Park and the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce to help reorganize the profitability of CFR. 

As such, we believe that there can be a sustainable model that will be used for years to come.  Several changes will be announced later this month about CFR.  In the interim - what I can say is the Planning Group is committed to providing a first-class fan experience along with keeping the payout for the athletes intact.

This month, the CPRA Board of Directors and Staff are also busy planning our members Annual General Meeting.  (Feb. 29, 2020). 

We are excited for the 2020 season and look forward to seeing you down the rodeo trail.
Jeff Robson
General Manager, CPRA
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CPRA Cowboys Win Big at Fort Worth
FWSSRFeb 9, 2020 - Pro Rodeo Canada athletes, Dawson Hay and Clay Ullery, made the most of their opportunities at the 2020 Forth Worth Stock Show & Rodeo.

Hay, the second generation saddle bronc rider from Wildwood, AB, drew into the final and turned in a record-tying 91 point ride on Calgary Stampede's Zena Warrior to claim the $20,000 first place cheque and a total of $23,080 overall.

Two Hills, AB team roping header, Clay Ullery teamed up with Jake Edwards (Ocala, FL) for the Fort Worth win for $22,200. The Fort Worth results catapulted both Ullery and Hay into the top ten in the World Standings in their respective events.

Among the other CPRA competitors who enjoyed Finals success include:
* Steer wrestlers Ty Erickson and Matt Reeves
* Tie-down roping former Canadian (and World) Champions Tuf Cooper and Tyson Durfey

The Calgary Stampede stock was prominent at their first FWSSR appearance as the Bareback Riding was also won on a Calgary horse with Tilden Hooper setting an arena record of 91.5 on CS Agent Lynx.

* Complete Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo results here

Troy Fischer Silverworks Ram Rodeo
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