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These are Ground Rules which may be implemented at individual rodeos and tailored to meet the needs of the individual rodeos based upon location and health department requirements.

Contestants, contract personnel, committee and volunteer workers shall not enter spectator seating to minimize any chance of cross contamination.

Following these guidelines and procedures is critical to our overall success.
* All members must complete COVID-19 waiver prior to their admittance to the rodeo grounds.
* Social distancing for riding event contestants and stock contractors is imperative for the rodeo.
* The back of the bucking chutes is limited to essential personnel only. This requirement is to protect the safety and health of all individuals.
* Non-essential rodeo personnel are not permitted in and around the chutes.
* Essential personnel includes: contestant, helper, flank man, judge, gatemen, chute boss, neck rope man, head man.
* Medical and Veterinarian personnel may be present on the chutes to attend to any injury and limit their time on the back of the bucking chutes.
* Any person not listed above and not physically helping the contestant and animal to exit the chute are considered non-essential.
* Each contestant shall be allowed one helper and must be a member and contestant entered in the event. The Contestant Helper may be responsible for cinching, spotting, pulling ropes, and the safety of the rider.
* Contestants will be staged per the number of chutes available, respecting the social distance of members. Rodeo Committee will provide warm-up areas to stage riding event contestants, limiting congestion on the bucking chutes to follow social distancing recommendations. Staging areas should be sufficient to allow for social distancing guidelines (groups of 15 or less).
* Pick-up men, bullfighters and barrelmen should have ready access to disinfectant spray during riding events to wipe themselves down as necessary.
* At the end of the ride, the contestant shall exit the arena. Contestants can stay as long as social distancing guidelines are followed.
* One contestant in the arena at any time and must exit after each run.
* Contestants shall not congregate in groups larger than 15 people and follow social distancing guidelines.
* Personnel allowed in the timed-event boxes. Contestant, hazer, chute boss, pusher, head man, next two contestants may be in the box to help the current contestant and to watch the start. Contestants enter the arena when called upon.
* Contestant shall exit arena at end of run and follow social distancing guidelines.
* Contract Personnel shall not enter spectator seating to minimize any chance of contracting COVID-19.
* It is recommended entry fees are paid through the Association to reduce contact with the Rodeo Secretary. If entry fees are paid at the rodeo cheque would be preferred.
* All draws will be posted outside of the secretary’s office. Access to the rodeo office will be limited.
* Rodeo Secretary should work with only one contestant or Rodeo Committee personnel at any time and follow social distancing standards.
* Rodeo Secretary should minimize contact and exchange of items with contestant, stock contractors and contract personnel.

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