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Alicia Erickson - Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

Rodeo Fun!September is a big month for rodeo; it's the end of the CPRA/PRCA season and a nail-biting time for all athletes trying to make the season finals.

Along with this stress, its Murphy’s Law that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, and so it did - in some sorta way. New government restrictions made it almost impossible to host indoor rodeos, or large gatherings at all, which unfortunately meant cancelling 3 out of the 4 last Pro rodeos of the season. If you were just out of the top 12, you had to make the Hanna Pro Rodeo (held at Hand Hills) count. But September started out great, and let me tell you why!

Ponoka Stampede CommitteeI rolled into the Daines Ranch with “Pearl” - my Innisfail RAM truck, and she was just as excited as me to go to our local town. If you’re familiar with this event, it ALWAYS rains at the original date in June, but we had beautiful weather for the entire long weekend! I’ve rode many different horses this year, but nothing beats having your own horse to bomb around on during a rodeo, so I trailered in my bay mare Shaggy. We had incredible attendance, C5 Rodeo stock, and some great announcers including Tim Ellis who’s voice is more than familiar from the RAM Rodeo Report on 840 CFCW. One thing that I absolutely love that’s different from any other rodeo I’ve been to is that they give a bouquet of flowers to the fast time of the barrel racing each performance. Of course anytime that Piper Yule is contracted at the same rodeo as myself, we scheme something up for the crowd. This time I was part of their act, riding her palomino steed Spanky, bareback, jumping over a flaming hoop. Thank you to the Daines family, C5 Rodeo, and Grant family, for your hospitality, hard work, and professionalism throughout this successful event.

The Ponoka Stampede is where I call my “second home”, and I think our whole rodeo community, was pretty down when they had to cancel their rodeo for the second year in a row. But - they always make lemons turn to lemonade, and decided to host a WPCA Wild West Chuckwagon Championship late in the season. Ponoka is always very proud of their athletes, and have a couple signs around the grounds that say “Proud to be the Home of Miss Rodeo Canada” with their queens names underneath who have went on to be MRC. I was shocked to see my name up up twice, as they wanted to acknowledge my two year reign. Throughout the evening I had the chance to visit the ATB Financial suite, and cheered on the chucks with #TeamATB.

Celebrating CanadaTaber is mostly known for its corn and Rogers sugar plant, but I think they will soon be known for their indoor rodeo - which was brought back this year by Legend Rodeo Stock after a small hiatus. The Taber Double Down Pro Rodeo ran from September 9th-12th where they held 4 performances that brought the community together, and the western spirit came alive! I know this sounds strange, but one of my favourite things about rodeos, is the slack. You really see the cowboy camaraderie amongst contestants, and you can almost bet you’ll see over a dozen Tim Hortons coffees in-hand during early morning slacks - there’s just something about the general atmosphere. Thank you to Tami-Jo Brewin for inviting me to your inaugural event.

There are traits that this next rodeo I’m going to tell you about is famously known for, but you just have to experience it first-hand to understand why it’s a favourite for so many. The Pendleton Round-Up had been on my bucket list for quite some time, and I was so excited to have the opportunity to go as Miss Rodeo Canada. There were so many Canadians that made the trip to the lush grass rodeo arena, and I had a great time representing them all. They keep it “old school” if you will, there are no sponsor banners in the arena, wooden chutes, a long score, and the green mile! I chased stock out during the slack, reins in one hand, camera in the other - filming all of our Canucks to report back on social media. I LOVED sitting on the grass during the rodeo, in the midst of bucking horses, and bulls - which really tests how alert you are, we all had to run out of the way a couple of times! I was more than proud of our competitors who are always pulling for each other, and representing the red and white banner with pride. Jeremy Buhler, and his American header (Rhen Richard) took home the win in the Team Roping, which bumped Buhler up into the top 15 in the world.

PendletonIf there is one thing I’ve learned in my two year reign, its to take advantage of the opportunities granted to you, and live in the present, because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. So off to South Dakota I went to visit my Miss Rodeo America for a couple of days. Jordan is a true cowgirl, loves her horses, and so you can only imagine how close we’ve become from how much we have in common. I finally met her dad, Paul Tierney, who rodeoed with many of our Canadian legends, so I heard a lot of great stories! We toured the Black Hills, saw Mount Rushmore, and ended our time together in the sky on a hot air balloon ride.

This month has been so memorable.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the 47th Canadian Finals Rodeo in Red Deer, AB - November 3rd - 7th 2021.

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020-21

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Rodeo friends Taber Pro Rodeo Enjoying the view
Alica Erickson & Jeremy Buhler Miss Rodeo Canada & Tim Ellis (CFCW) Rodeo Royalty
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Fitting a “full” season of Canadian rodeos into 2.5 months has everyone feeling some sort of way, but I think the mutual feeling amongst most is appreciative.

Alicia EricksonI left off writing to you half-way through the Strathmore Stampede, and I finished that rodeo off with a bang! I saw Piper Yule ride her trick horse into the arena to carry the Canadian flag with just a war bridle on, and it peaked my interest. The next thing I knew, I was riding her palomino steed “Spanky” into the arena bareback, with a war bridle, to sing the Canadian Anthem. He was a gentleman of course, and I sure felt a sense of western pride leading the running flags out of the arena on a rainy Championship Monday.

Sundre was my next stop, and it sure was different to experience this rodeo in August instead of the regular June dates. The last thought on anyones mind after coming together to plan an event after a year hiatus would be thinking about the earlier sunset, and daylight being a major priority of all competitors swinging a rope or dogging a steer… lets just say the committee pulled together to fix this issue promptly! I always find it interesting to see the challenges that present themselves at each rodeo I attend, and how quickly our community can adapt to make things work. After the afternoon perf on Saturday, I quickly drove my Innisfail Chrysler RAM truck to High River for the evening performance of Guy Weadick Days Rodeo. This one is unique, because they take you back in time to where the chutes were made of wood, and the (C5) horses really bucked. I enjoyed getting to dress up for the occasion, and was honoured to wear a traditional outfit put together by Lenore McLean, a friend of the late Flores LaDue. I was even more honoured to have the opportunity to mount her horse, and sit in Flores LaDues saddle, plated with the words “World Champion Lady Fancy Roper, Retired Undefeated”. We all have goals, and we all have heroes, but my heroes will always be Cowgirls. It even made it more of a cowboys rodeo when my anthem singing horse tried her hand at throwing me in the dirt, but was unsuccessful at her attempt. Let’s just say that some of the athletes now refer to me as the “queen who bronc rides”. Back to Sundre I went to finish the Sunday performance, and help present the 2021 champions their buckles.

Now this had to be my furthest drive so far, 9 hours north to La Crete Field of Dreams Rodeo. I always heard from the contestants that this rodeo is amazing, but my attendance as their first EVER queen confirmed the rumours! The committee is small but mighty, and treat all who come to their rodeo with the utmost respect. They are the first awake in the morning, watering contestants horses, making breakfast for all of the athletes/personnel, and making sure everything is set for their rodeo to go off without a hitch. Even late after their evening performance on the Wednesday, they started a fire, brought out the deep fryers, and fed everyone a feast made for a King. This will be a rodeo I remember for a life-time, especially after driving all night to make it in time for the Thursday afternoon perf of the Stavely Pro Rodeo!

Strathmore Stampede(When you see me in the future, please ask me the story behind the La Crete Field of Dreams Rodeo, as I would love to share it with you!)

Stavely was also a rodeo that had to accommodate and change their format immensely to make sure they could have their rodeo regardless of the government restrictions at the time! They built a brand new outdoor arena to make things work in 2021, after being known as the first Indoor Pro Rodeo in Canada. I think they will go back to being indoors to hold true to their heritage, but I was sure glad that they made things work to hold their 2021 rodeo!

After two performances of Stavely, I had a trip above the clouds to hit the Dawson Creek Exhibition & Stampede in beautiful British Columbia. First class rodeo athletes make the trip past the Old Alaskan HiWay to get there, and the scenery is so beautiful along the way. I had a lot of fun participating in fundraisers for charity, where I met Dan MacLeod with Longhorn Oilfield Services who is a great supporter of our industry, and has now signed on as a sponsor of the Miss Rodeo Canada Organization. Thank you Dawson Creek, for flying me out to experience your rodeo, many MRC’s talk about it as on of their favourites for years to come.

I was home for just shy of a week before hitting the road back to Cranbrook B.C. It was a last minute trip, but so worthwhile, as they haven’t had a Miss Rodeo Canada since Christa Lawrence in 2005. It was also their 2nd rodeo in 34 years where they’ve had rain, which was much needed for the area, but I can’t say that the rodeo athletes were too happy about it. Good pictures were taken, horses were “mud broke”and laughs were had as the arena turned into a soup hole after the Friday performance.

Guy Weadick RodeoMy last rodeo in August was the Okotoks Pro Rodeo at the Millarville Race Track, where I decided to “cowgirl up” and become a crowd pleaser competing in the Wild Pony Racing. Miss Ponoka Stampede (Naomi Akkermans), past MPS (Ashley Akkermans), and myself teamed up to dominate a ride, and create some laughs amongst rodeo fans. I tend to get a bit competitive when a challenge presents itself, and you can bet I rode that pony half-way across the arena… until she came to a full stop and head toss that resulted in the crowd going wild, but we will leave the rest of that story for another day.

Every Monday you can see our Weekend Rodeo Results via Facebook or Instagram on the Miss Rodeo Canada page, from the Canadian Professional Rodeos, along with results of our local athletes placing at the PRCA rodeos as well. If you prefer listening to a report, Tim Ellis leads the RAM Rodeo Report on 910 CFCW. Our great sponsor, Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine also has a great Pro Rodeo Canada Insider portion of each issue, where you can read up on stories of the season.

See you down the road in September!

- Alicia Erickson, Miss Rodeo Canada 20/21

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Cranbrook Rodeo MRC Wild pony racing
Engaging with fans Stavely Rodeo Field of Dreams Stampede
Sundre Pro Rodeo Alicia with a young fan Alaska!
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O' CanadaI feel like I’ve been signing off of 15 months worth of diaries with the same hopeful, but slightly disappointed note.

But just like I had hoped, our Canadian rodeo community has come back with resilience, and our sponsors, athletes, contractors, and personnel are finally back where they are happiest, and that’s the rodeo arena. I have never seen stands packed so full at each of the six CPRA events that I was at - our fans are back in full support!

Knowing that I would have a busy July, I spent a day at Smithbilt getting my hats shaped up, and was shocked to meet up with Ted Stovin, who surprised me with a 2021 edition Montana Silversmiths buckle to commemorate my two year rein! Thank you to Judy Wagner, Callie Adams, and the whole team for being such an incredible part of our program.

Young athleteThe LaDue Ladies Lunch kicked off my July, where I was grateful to see the “behind the scenes” at their first virtual event at the Paliser, Calgary. Organizations like this are keeping our cowgirl heritage alive, and giving young women across Canada the opportunity to win a scholarship with the submission of an essay. Shortly after I drove my Innisfail Chrysler truck over to Classic Rodeo Boutique to watch the rest of the Luncheon.

Now, I like to sing songs about being a “Canadian Northern Girl”, but honestly my seven hour drive to Tee Pee Creek was the furthest north I had been in Alberta. This was my first Canadian rodeo as Miss Rodeo Canada, and it was so special to carry the maple leaf banner across the arena, and sing our National Anthem. It was great to stop by Dominic Valine’s silver shop on the way home, and learn how to hand-saw the silver maple leafs for the 2022 Miss Rodeo Canada’s spurs!

Driving back south, I had the opportunity to conquer a life-time goal of mine, which was to sing at the Calgary Stampede. Thank you to Brian Hansen with Smithbilt for believing in me, and giving me this opportunity, I will remember it for the rest of my life!

Great pie!Bowden, AB held their first Canadian Professional Rodeo, and let’s just say they will have to build a grand stand in the upcoming years, because the attendance was overwhelming! They also held a junior rodeo, where I was able to test out the memory of my goat tying skills, helping young athletes get down the arena. I give so much thanks to the small communities, and Ag Society’s who are helping our sport flourish by hosting these events, and giving opportunities to our youth especially after the couple of years we have had. Thank you Bowden!

I have always had a sweet tooth, so I thought I would head back North to the land of the home-made pie, Lea Park Rodeo! Seriously the local women get together before the event and bake hundreds of varieties of pie to bring to the concession. I’m not going to lie, I tried each kind, but won’t tell you what that amounts to. I love being able to share our athletes stories, and I feel like this was one of the first rodeos where I could sit back and watch routines, have conversations, and get to know everyone that much better.

Medicine Hat is the home of 2017 & 2018 Miss Rodeo Canada titles, and happened to be my next stop! Short but sweet, I had a school visit, seniors home parades, and one pro rodeo performance. I drove over to Strathmore Thursday evening, and went straight into work the next morning.

Now talk about SOLD OUT rodeo performances. Strathmore Stampede hasn’t seen crowds like this in a long time. They have had me singing my heart out with two anthems a day! As I write this I still have two performances left here, and can’t wait to see who will take home the 2021 titles.

Next stop is Sundre, AB - GO WILD, GO WEST!

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020-21

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Alicia Erickson LaDue Ladies Luncheon Canadian flag
Rodeo Royalty Smithbilt Hats On the Road
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

MRC & Miss Rodeo NevadaA cowgirl’s heart belongs where the rodeo is, so where the rodeo is, she will be…

With the conclusion on the month of June, it marks the halfway, or six month point until my time as Miss Rodeo Canada is complete! I’m counting every blessing and taking every opportunity that’s presenting itself, as that’s what this experience is all about - leadership, growth, and opportunity.

I started out June with a branding at Bruce Harbin’s (President - Ponoka Stampede), and spent the day gathering, being on ground crew, and finished off by roping some calves in my C5 Rodeo sponsored saddle. Its always a good day just being a cowgirl, and watching cow/calf pairs head out to pasture in belly-high green grass.

Special Kids RodeoLike I said my heart belongs to rodeo, and well… this month the rodeo was in Reno, Nevada. I took the opportunity to visit this iconic rodeo, and support the Canadian professional rodeo athletes that competed there during the 10 day event. I hit the ground running, and started off with a 3AM wake-up call to head out into the desert for a 12 mile cattle drive, bringing the steers all the way into the city of Reno. It was like taking a step back in time, with tarp covered, horse drawn wagons, fire cooked meals, and scenery out of a picture book.

I attended the rodeo each night I was there, and rode into the arena proudly as Bob Tallman & Wayne Brooks introduced Miss Rodeo Canada under the bright lights and fan covered stands. I’ve really missed out on children’s events this past year, and was so happy to help during the Special Kid’s Rodeo. I sang the Star Spangled Banner three times, helped youth find the courage to sit up on a horse, and lovingly watched many of the participants fall in LOVE with the best sport on dirt.

Alicia EricksonWhen I’m at a rodeo, it’s a job. There are countless hours spent prepping before-hand on how I can use my time to the fullest while interacting with fans, sponsors, athletes, and committees. There are many interviews, and behind the scenes footage that I am looking forward to releasing on our social media in the upcoming months! It’s my goal at the end of an event, for personnel, committees, and everyone I interact with to have felt some benefit from my time at their rodeo, and I think that’s what leaves a lasting impression!

The Reno Rodeo Committee was absolutely incredible to me during my time there, they actually remind me a lot of the Ponoka Stampede, so with that being one of my favourite rodeos in Canada, it wasn’t hard to fall in love with Reno! Thank you to Miss Rodeo Nevada, (Kaely Juzek) & family, who welcomed me into their lovely home, and drove back and forth to events.

When I arrived back at home, I was greeted by a large parcel with many blue velvet boxes just waiting to be opened! Our official jewelry sponsor, Montana Silversmiths, has the most amazing pieces that I can’t wait to incorporate into my lifestyle, and share with you all.

Special Kids RodeoWith new beginnings to a 2021 rodeo season, as there was a year hiatus, I am excited to finally fly the maple leaf banner across Canadian rodeo grounds for the first time as Miss Rodeo Canada in Tee Pee Creek, Alberta! The wait is finally over, I will be able to personally meet all of you, and sign many of my autograph sheets (captured by Leslie Dawn Photography) face-to-face on Canuck soil.

See you all soon, watch for me driving up in my Innisfail Chrysler RAM truck!

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020-21

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Miss Rodeo CanadaI'm calling the month of May the calm before the storm...

as we see athletes legging their horses up, contractors getting stock in order, and rodeo committees working their hardest behind the scenes in hope for a potential 2021 Canadian rodeo season.

The Miss Rodeo Canada organization has been working behind the scenes as well, planning and coordinating with our partners to host a 2021 competition. We are so excited to share that we are going ahead with our regular pageant components, being hosted by the incredible Baymont Inn & Suites Red Deer - more details will be released as they become available!

Our organization sponsors have continued to be nothing but supportive during my two year rein, and Montana Silversmiths always provide the official jewelry of Miss Rodeo Canada. I was so pleased when a large box was dropped off at my front step, to open and find the elegant blue boxes filled to the top. As always, I’ll continue to share the newest pieces, my favourites, and the Montana moments that happen throughout my year on our social!Montana Silversmiths

One of my first events going forward into July is the LaDue Ladies Luncheon, and although it’s going to look a little bit different this year being held virtually, it is bound to bring out the cowgirl spirit in everyone. I was so appreciative to be in the LaDue class of 2020 as one of the scholarship recipients, and put the monetary funds towards paying off my Justice Studies Diploma. I can’t wait to see which driven young women are awarded for the 2021 essay submissions, as the scholarships are such a blessing and help alleviate stress in gaining an education. Tickets for the event can be purchased at https://ladueladieslunch.caAlicia Erickson

Going forward into out the rodeo athletes summer run, I can only think positively, that we can pull together and host some rodeos in the upcoming months. It truly takes an army, and many of us don’t see the hard work and many hours that most (as volunteers) are putting into planning and adapting to the rules set in front of us. Along with rodeo folk being the most dedicated people I know, we can also be very stubborn, and I think those two traits work in our favour sometimes. In sticking to the traditional traits of the western lifestyle, I just know that something great will come out of all these trying times.

Looking forward to potential summer rodeos, and seeing you all very soon!

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020-21

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Rodeo Under the LightsCoast to coast, rodeo to rodeo, and all of the miles and memories in-between.

The role of Miss Rodeo Canada is to be an ambassador for our sponsors, Canadian athletes and stock, our western heritage, and traditional traits that come along with the cowboy lifestyle. I embraced all of the above in April, and will continue living true to the lifestyle that raised me to be the person I am today.

Kissimmee, Florida was my first stop along the trail, for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo. There were 10 Canadian athletes vying for a National Championship. Throughout the 8-10th I represented our country, rode and carried sponsor flags in all four performances, and kept everyone back at home updated with results, interviews, and photos. Steer Wrestler, Scott Guenthner had a great finals, and left Florida as the 2021 RNCFR Champion!

Canadian flag Host homes play such an important role in successful travels throughout your year, and I had the privilege of being hosted by Mark & Laura Kessler, and Miss Rodeo Florida’s (McKenna Andris) family during my time in Florida. They welcome you in with open arms, and I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality. From snorkelling in the middle of the Atlantic, to fishing in my Wrangler & BEX, all things sunshine were experienced.

Up and away, Miss Rodeo Florida and I flew across the United States to meet Miss Rodeo California (Morgan Laughlin). Talk about a days worth of travel, when you have two suit cases overweight, and an unlawfully amount of carry-on luggage. Thank goodness we are rodeo queens, and can completely pack & repack everything in under 5 minutes without missing a flight. (But I’ll let you imagine the amount of stress had), shortly after to run into Bob Tallman, who can make anyones day better!

Wheels were on the ground, and we enjoyed the drive from Livermore CA, to Red Bluff, stopping to hike a morning sunrise of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was ecstatic to take in this rodeo for the first time with Miss Rodeo America by my side, as we both represented our National titles with pride. I met up with my ATB Financial team mate, Zeke Thurston, and was proud to see many Canadian athletes, stock (C5 Rodeo & Calgary Stampede), Pick-Up Men (Gary Rempel), and Contract Personnel (Magic in Motion), during my time there. A highlight would be watching Lakota Bird take the win in the Breakaway Roping for the 100th anniversary of the Red Bluff Round Up. Thank you to James Miller, and the committee for having me!

RNCFRRubber hit the pavement to Nevada, where I flew to Texas and stopped in at the Athens PRCA Rodeo. While there, I chased out stock, mingled with the crowd, and fell in love with the spirit of two little girls watching the rodeo. We all start out with a dream, and the look in their eyes reminded me of myself when I was their age. They loved my Montana Silversmiths jewelry, so I was happy to give them my cuff, to share a piece of my story with them.

A few more miles, and Aria lip-stick shades later, my feet hit the Oklahoma dirt. The Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo was a fan packed, heritage celebrated, good time. Leading up to the rodeo we did school visits, sponsor visits, as well as I attended a radio and television interview talking about my title, rodeo, and Canadian athletes in the United States. I was even more honoured to have the opportunity to sing the American National anthem as Miss Rodeo Canada during the final Sunday performance.

This month of rodeo, has been the most revitalizing experience that I’ve had in over a year. You see - they say to do what makes you happy and you’ll live an incredible life. I saw rodeo fans, competitors, personnel, and stock doing what simply makes them happy. I saw the fire lit inside of children’s eyes as they clung on to an arena fence, staring, with a longing desire to picture themselves being on that arena ground one day. I saw hope for our rodeo community.

My heart is full, and I hope I can share these rodeo experiences with all of you in Canada in 2021

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

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Alicia and Janie Johnson Miss Rodeo Canada 2021 Red Bluff Round-Up
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
March is one of my favourite months, because the beginning of Spring means calving season.

On the back of a horse, feet planted on the dirt, or arms through the bars of a loading chute, from a young age that is where you could find my working hands. Not growing up on a ranch, I was lucky enough to be “adopted out”. Family friends couldn’t get rid of an eager young Alicia who wanted to learn, grow, and absorb every bit of knowledge possible. I still find myself back at my home roots, offering to help wherever possible.

Down the road - always driving, early March led me to Innisfail Chrysler to work on some new video footage for you all to see. These may include (but are not limited to) towing a truck with a rope and horse, interviewing Adam Glover, and driving away with a 2021 model!

Part of my role as Miss Rodeo Canada is to share my experiences, and be a mentor for up and coming queens. Codi Wilson and I created an “All Things Rodeo Queening” informative online session, for anyone interested in running for the Alberta High School Rodeo Queen program. It was a hit with more than 12 girls, and we can’t wait to continue these sessions with themed educational experiences. Continuing with online sessions, I was greatly humbled to have been asked as a clinician in the Miss Rodeo Idaho clinic. I spoke on both appearance, and dual taught public speaking with Miss Rodeo America via Zoom, to young woman across the USA and even Canada!

A new year means new photographs, and I had to stop in at my favourite hat store to touch up my lid’s for a photoshoot. The first thing Brian did when I walked into Smithbilt Hats was offer me a coffee, not because I was tired (haha), but because they want you to have the best experience each time you walk through those doors. I always feel refreshed after a nice visit, and we had to show off our fedoras for the spring/summer hat fashion coming in hot! I continued my day in Calgary by visiting Mo with YYC Nails, who has been a cherished sponsor for three years now. I tell her that she’s going to be an expert on rodeo by the time she’s done doing my nails.

Preparing for a photoshoot is more complicated than you think. Our program sponsor’s who provide MRC fashion all year long, are the top priority when choosing what to put together for a shoot. Smithbilt Hats, The Aria Studio’s, Wrangler, and Montana Silversmiths are the official looks of Miss Rodeo Canada. Thank you to Leslie Dawn Photography for taking the time, creating, and sharing your love of photography with our program, we can’t wait to show you all the 2021 autograph sheets!

Looking ahead, sharing rodeos stories, and creating new ones in 2021 - see you all soon!

You can continue to follow along with my Weekend Rodeo updates, every Monday morning via Instagram and Facebook. Or you can tune into 840 CFCW to hear the RAM Rodeo Report.

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

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Smithbilt Hats Alicia Erickson Montana Silversmiths
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Miss Rodeo Canada Alicia EricksonAccording to Balzac Billy we are in for an extra long winter, but we are all used to that because we live in the Great White North, right?

Thank you to the Blue Grass Garden Centre for including me , once again in their virtual GroundHog Day.

February was full of weather changes from (-40) - (+7) degrees celsius, but I was fully covered with winter tires on my Innisfail Dodge truck, and copious amounts of jackets from Wrangler.

Valentine’s Day was extra sweet this year, as it was the one year anniversary with my Innisfail Chrysler Truck. We didn’t go out for supper, nor did I get a bouquet of roses, but he transports me safely to the barn and back - so I guess that will have to be enough!

Since it was a month full of love, I decided to do a giveaway on social media for Random Acts of Kindness Day. Vern McDonald and Gillian Grant with C5 Rodeo were kind enough to supply a swag pack of goodies for my winners, which will be wearing the brand proudly. Vern is a very appreciated sponsor of the Miss Rodeo Canada organization, as well as many other organizations amongst our western community. We will be looking out for C5 stock at upcoming PRCA, and hopefully CPRA rodeos on the Cowboy Channel.

Agriculture is such an important lifestyle to be well informed of, to understand and appreciate the hands that feed us. I am so proud to be a part of a team that advocates for farmers/ranchers all across Alberta - ATB Financial. February 23rd was Canadian Ag Day, and my friend Terry Andryo with ATB made the trip to drop off a locally sourced breakfast box, for my family and I to enjoy! This branch and I have two main things in common, and the second is our passion for the importance of mental health. I am excited to be partnering with ATB Financial in their campaign towards mental health in Alberta, called ATB Up. You can follow the campaign on our social media pages, and visit for more information. Every time you complete or share one of the upcoming challenges with the #ATBUp, it will trigger a $1 donation from ATB, to the Mental Health Foundation (Alberta). I will be releasing my challenge for the campaign on March 8th - stay tuned!

Pink Day for Anti-BullyingPink is a color associated with Valentine’s Day, but it’s also the color of a shirt that represents anti-bullying each February. My pink Shirt Day was spent doing a Zoom presentation with the students of Trochu Valley School, hosting a fun project to recognize the importance of healthy relationships.

San Antonio rodeo finished the month, and our Canadian athletes and stock showed up! With money combined at this one rodeo, Canadians are taking home over $50,000 to maple leaf territory. Kyle Lucas of Carstairs, AB is sitting #1 in the world after his earnings, and Kolby Wanchuk is sitting #2 after winning the Saddle Bronc riding on Calgary’s Tokyo Bubbles!

Great things are coming in 2021, let’s keep moving forward and get back into the rodeo arena.

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

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Miss Rodeo Canada ATB Financial MRC Sponsor C5 Rodeo
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Miss Rodeo Canada 2021 - Alicia EricksonTake Two!

January 2021 is the first time since the beginning of the Miss Rodeo Canada organization (1955) that the First Woman of Canadian Professional Rodeo has served her reign for two years.”.

With the circumstances that we were given in 2020, I was more than happy to continue on as Miss Rodeo Canada 2021.

The entity of Miss Rodeo Canada would not be able to flourish without program sponsors that have stayed by our side during these uncertain times. Going forward into a new year I would like to express how grateful we are they chose us, and highlight different sponsors throughout each

First off, I would not be able to travel down the road safely without a reliable set of wheels from Adam Glover at Innisfail Chrysler. Smithbilt Hats are not only the official hat sponsor of Miss Rodeo Canada, but add to the wonderful team along with Lyle & Marie Kurtz of CVS Controls LTD. While Cowan Graphics Imaging ties it all together with the perfect exterior wrap to recognize our amazing partners.

If you see any of these wonderful people can you do me a favour?

Shake their hand, give them a smile, and thank them for supporting a program that educates, inspires, and shares rodeos stories all across the world.

Support the businesses that support our lifestyle.

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2021

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Miss Rodeo Canada with Innisfail Chrysler

Troy Fischer Silverworks Ram Rodeo
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