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Canadian Professional Rodeo Association
2018 Annual General Meeting Agenda
Saturday March 24, 2018 at 2:00 pm
The Hampton Inn & Suites - Airdrie, Alberta

Call to order AGM

1. Introductions and Welcome
2. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting
Motion to accept the minutes
Business arising from the minutes
3. Presentation of financial statements by Patty Auger, CFO
Motion to accept the financial statements
4. Motion to appoint the public accountant of the Association to hold office until the next Annual Meeting
5. Executive’s report
Motion to accept Executive’s report
6. General Manager’s report
Motion to accept General Manager’s report
7. Motion to ratify the Directors of the Association
8. New business
9. Adjournment
10. Question and Answer

Attendance and voting privileges shall be restricted as outlined in Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Objects, By-Laws and Rules 3.00, MEMBERSHIP - see below


March 24TH, 2018

The following rights, privileges and procedures will apply for Members in Good Standing as of Dec 31, 2017:

Regular Members – Right to attend and vote. ( CPRA By-laws 3.02 (a)(ii) )

Lifetime Members – If member has competed or participated in an approved rodeo during the current rodeo season, he can attend and vote but shall not otherwise be entitled to vote unless he pays membership fees and dues which are payable by a Regular Member. ( CPRA By-laws 3.02 (b)(ii) )

Honorary Members – Not entitled to vote unless he has otherwise been accepted by the Association as a Regular Member and has paid membership fees and dues which are payable by a Regular Member ( CPRA By-laws 3.02 (c)(ii) )

Non-Voting Members (Semi-Pro) – Entitled to attend but not entitled to vote.
( CPRA By-Laws 3.02 (d)(ii) )

Permit – Not entitled to attend or vote ( CPRA By-laws 3.02 (e)(ii)

In the case of Committee and Stock Contractor Members, the representatives must identify themselves and state who they are representing. (Only one representative may speak and/or vote for each Committee or Stock Contractor Member)

Voting shall be by way of voting card.

Members must rise, identify themselves and be recognized in order to obtain the floor, make motions and debate.

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