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Wrangler Shoot-Out Ground Rules

IPE & Stampede 
Wrangler Tour Finals - One (1) performance, Sept 4, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
Purse for SB, BB, BR, TDR, SW, LBR $6,000
Purse for TR  $12,000
Committee Contact: Joe Herring
Local Rodeo Office No.: 250-546-9141or 250-546-9406
Rodeo Grounds: Armstrong IPE Grounds
Stock Contractor: Calgary Stampede
Sub-Contractors: TBA
Timed Event Stock Contractor(s): Chute 9 Cattle Co.
EC: Please give a tentative confirmation at time of Armstrong Entries
Ground Rules:
1. 10 Contestants per event
2. Top 8 point earners from the Wrangler Tour following Dawson Creek will compete qualify for the Wrangler Tour Shootout. If a spot is declined the next person in line will take the position (Updated Tour Standings are available at
* Ties for these spots will be determined by the Canadian standings as of August 19, 2016.
3. Top 2 previously unqualified point earners AFTER Armstrong will fill the remaining 2 spots in the Wrangler Tour Shootout.
* If you decline your above qualification (Top 8 in standings after Dawson Creek) you are not eligible for the top 2 after Armstrong.
* Tour Standings will be posted in the Armstrong Rodeo office
* Ties for these spots will be determined by the Canadian Standings as of Aug. 26th, 2016

4. Top 8 in each event must confirm availability prior to August 31, 2016 at Noon Mountain time. Please contact Dakota Klassen in CRES to Confirm Your Availability (403) 945-0358
5. Top 2 previously unqualified point earners must confirm availability with the rodeo secretary by 9:00AM, Pacific Time, Sunday Sept. 4.
6. Available spots will be filled by going down the Tour point standings (First Place is 200 Points)
7. Points earned in the Wrangler Shootout will be double the regular season points.
8. Payout will be $6,000 per event and split 40%-30%-20%-10%
9. The Wrangler Shootout will count as one of the contestants required 15 rodeo count and the money will count towards CFR qualifying dollars.
10. Team Ropers will qualify individually not as a team, please confirm who you are partnering with in advance if possible, if not possible partners must be confirmed no later than 9:00AM, Pacific Time, Sunday Sept. 4.
NOTE: The Wrangler Tour Standings have been posted all season as follows:

“At one-go rodeos and multi-go rodeos points are awarded to 10 places in the go round(s) and average. In the case of a tie, points are added together and split. Also, all contestants will receive 5 pts for competing. The points for the go-round(s) and average are as follows: 1st place - 100 points, 2nd place - 90 points, 3rd place - 80 points, 4th place - 70 points, 5th place - 60 points,
6th place - 50 points, 7th place - 40 points, 8th place - 30 points, 9th place - 20 points, 10th place - 10 points”

Although when the CPRA decided to move forward with the Wrangler Shootout it was intended to only give points in the Average, it had been posted to the contestants otherwise all season. Since these standings have been posted this way all year, the CPRA Board of Directors voted on Aug 17th that since this mistake was not brought to their attention until following Dawson Creek Rodeo, it would be unfair to the contestants to change the points system that the Contestants had been given all season.
Turning Out of Finals
Contestants who turn out of the Finals must notify the Armstrong rodeo office no later than 9:00AM, Pacific Time, Sunday Sept. 4.
A Two Hundred and Fifty dollar ($250) turn out fine will apply if contestant fails to notify by the specified time.
Contestants who are a notified turnout or contestants who are unavailable at the start of the section of their event will be replaced by the next available contestant; next is defined by the 2016 Wrangler Tour Standings.
CPRA reserves the right to roll contestants into the Finals (to total 10 contestants) in the event of turn outs. In case of ties, tiebreaker rules to decide the next contestant into the finals the procedure will be the same as determining the top (2) previously unqualified contestants; Canadian Standings as of Aug. 26, 2016

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