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Is your rodeo committee looking for a rodeo clown,
timer, pick-up man or other contractor?
Check out the list of CPRA contract member personnel below?

Doug Young 306-893-8284 Doug Young, Rodeo Announcer  
David Poulsen 403-625-2797 Dave Poulsen Rodeo Announcer
Dustin Edwards 403-334-8200 Dustin Edwards  
Emery Erickson 306-250-5551 Rockit Rodeo Productions Rockitrodeoproductions
Gary Gross 403-350-4020 Team Double G
Jay Savage 250-421-3712  
Joe Braniff 306-661-0544  
Les McIntyre 403-485-8777 Les McIntyre Inc.  
Mike Labelle 403-862-7453
Tim Ellis 780-918-3315 Tim Ellis  
Tyson Pietsch 780-542-1847 Tyson Pietsch  
Wes Cummings 403-803-2081 Wes Cummings  
Tim Edge 403-354-6730 Mountain Edge Productions
Levi Hale 403-501-4659 Levi Hale  
BARREL MEN        
Dennis Halstead 403-540-6550 Denny the Rodeo Clown  
Ricky Ticky Wanchuk 780-719-2070      
Billie-Jean Duff 403-614-1861
Chantelle Bowman 306-320-7744 Wildwood Imagery
Covy Moore 403-512-4204
Dallas Duffy 780-898-8624 DDD Photography  
Ken Marcinkoski Rodeo Photography 780-672-2491 Ken Marcinkoski or Darlene Brush
Shellie Scott   Shellie Scott Photography
PICK-UP MEN        
Brett Thompson 403-741-5050  
Darcy McKinney 780-970-0352  
Jim Kelts 403-931-2537      
Slim Brown 306-661-9559  
Tyler Thomson 403-651-5020  
Brenda Peterson 306-266-4431  
Brenda Vold 403-704-6009  
Catherine Laycraft 403-585-2640  
Cheryl Smith 403-652-6848  
Karry Krystal 403-931-2537  
Lori Eno 403-575-0885  
Mac McKie 780-385-0156  
Sylvia Kerr 403-923-1938  
Bella DaCosta 780-991-7808 Bella DaCosta Trick Riding  
Jenn Sych 780-214-2888 J & S Trick Riding Team
Melvin Lawes 780-753-1156 Mel Lawes Wild Ponies  
Niki Flundra 403-632-9615 Niki Flundra-Unbridled
Shelby Cummings 403-803-3729 Shelby Cummings Trick Riding  
Shelby Pierson 403-376-4661 Full Throttle Trick Riding
Wild Rose Cowgirls 780-753-1962 Wild Rose Cowgirls  
Betty Algate 403-653-2832  
Brenda Vold 403-704-6009  
Cheryl Smith 403-652-6848  
Corinne Alstott 403-844-3490  
Dusty Daines 403-392-7356 Dusty Daines DD
Karry Krystal 403-931-2537  
Lonnie Rolph 250-620-3512  
Lori Eno 403-575-0885  
Maxine Baird 403-348-3168      
Monica Wilson 403-653-4234  
Robert Jobb 587-897-5134  
Sharon Olson 403 704 4382  

If you are a CPRA contract member who would like to enter your contract personnel information, you can do so by inputing your information at this link:

For more information, please contact Katie Van Heinen at or 403 945-0903

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