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2017 CPRA Event Results
* Unofficial results

Maple Creek Xtreme Bulls
Maple Creek, Saskatchewan
July 29, 2017
Unofficial results

Long go: 1. Tanner Girletz, 86,5 points on Girletz Rodeo’s 868 Blue Print, $1947.12; 2. Jared Parsonage, 86, $1599.42; 3. Austin Nash, 85.5, $1251.72; 4. Marcos Gloria, 85, $904.02
Short go: 1. Austin Nash, 88.5 points on Outlaw Buckers’ Xcon, $800; 2. Tim Lipsett, 86, $600
Ground money: $300 each
Average: 1. Austin Nash, 174 points on two head, $1947.12; 2. Tanner Girletz, 86 points on one head, $1599.42; 3. (tie) Jared Parsonage and Tim Lipsett, 86 on one, $1077.87 each; 5. Marcos Gloria, 85 on one, $556.32; 6. Todd Chotowetz, 80.5 on one, $347.70
Ground money: $58 each

Contract Personnel:
Stock contractor:
Outlaw Buckers; Sub contractors: Vold Rodeo, Girletz, Eli Skor; Rodeo secretary: Karry Krystal; Announcer: Joe Braniff; Timers: Karry Krystal; Judges: Cam Morrison, Wayne Resch, Bear Lightbown; Pick up man: Wade Rempel; Bull fighters: Brett Monea, Scott Waye, Bo Byrne; Flank men: Curtis Sawyer, Eli Skori, Nansen Vold

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