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Canadian Rodeo Associations Working Together On Common Goals

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July 29, 2020

Attention Rodeo Members:

As many of you may be aware, conversations have been taking place between the CPRA, semi-pro, college and high school associations over the last few months with a view to enhancing the cooperation between the various groups.

This world in the last few months has become a completely different place and all sports, including rodeo, are facing challenges they have never faced. So maybe the time is right for conversations and new ways of thinking about the sport to take place.

In addition to the informal committee that’s been formed, with representatives invited from each association, we wanted the general memberships from the various bodies to have an opportunity to bring forward thoughts and ideas that may help move this effort forward.

Greater numbers can give our sport a strong voice with government, sponsors and other stake holders with a view to attracting increased corporate dollars and making our sport stronger and more sustainable.

Among the ideas to consider:
Increased continuity in the area of rules governing the sport
Opportunities for joint or cross-promotion
Enhancing our animal welfare profile with the general public
Shared resources and technology in areas including communications, central entry systems, merchandise etc…

* If you have thoughts and suggestions that you would like to put forward, please contact the event rep for your Association.

General questions can also be directed to the following individuals.

Thank you,

Terry Cooke
CPRA President
(250) 782-3344

Dustin Flundra
CPRA Director (Saddle Bronc Riding event representative)
(403) 632-6153

Alwin Bouchard
CPRA Director (Tie-down Roping event representative)
(403) 793-7896

Troy Fischer Silverworks Ram Rodeo
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