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Starting in early spring of 2012, contestants will be able to do all entries, position callback, stock callback and checking of numbers online.  To sign up, contestants will either be able to register online or by calling the CRES Office. 

  • All buddies and team roping partners will need to be requested by the other contestants.  You will not be able to buddy or team rope with a partner who has not accepted the invite to do so.  This can be set up online, or when you enter through the entry line, all data will be updated to your online account.
  • All tags will need to be registered through the CRES office, and cannot be managed online.
  • Any events the contestant wishes to enter, that are not among their usual events, must update the CRES office with this information before being able to enter online.
  • Contestants are able to enter rodeo’s one (1) week in advance to the date set to take entries via the entry line.
  • Contestants will be able to enter on a split.  The rodeo entry will show each entry separately.
  • Once the entry and or changes are submitted online, the CRES system is updated and your entry will count right away.
  • Contestants are able to check the entry numbers while they enter, and are able to change preference information during the grace period hours online.
  • Contestants are not able to delete or draw out of an entry online.  All deletions & draw outs will have to be done by calling the entry line before grace period ends. (Please refer to the C.P.R.A. Rulebook on this).
  • Contestants can put any comments they may have about their entry in a comment section of the entry.  This can consist of the confirmed P.R.C.A. rodeos/ PBR events that are being used for priority. ( Please refer to the C.P.R.A. rulebook for more on this)
  • Contestants are able to see the up-to-date information the CPRA has on file.  All Canadian contestants are able to change and update their contact information online.  All non-Canadian Residents will have to contact the C.P.R.A. office to change or update the Member Information.

For more information, or to register, please contact
Kaitlyn Plecas, CRES Supervisor at (403) 945-0358.
Please be sure your 2012 membership forms have been submitted and paid before calling.







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