This online program has been designed to allow all active CPRA contestants to:

Manage their member accounts online

  • Keep contact information up to date
  • Change access password

Enter all CPRA Rodeos online

  • Add buddies & Team Roping partners to accounts
  • Check position & stock callback
  • View live entry statistics, and change performance preferences
  • View an entry log of all previous entries

 View member account

  • See any & all outstanding balances on account
  • View credits on account

A few key notes to remember when using the Web-Entry Program:

  • To set up buddies & team roping partners, each member must be requested, and then accepted by all parties.
  • If a contestant wishes to enter an event that is not a regular event, they may have to contact the CRES office to have that event set up for online entering.
  • All tags must be set up by calling the CRES Office (including all immediate family members)

NOTE: Common-law forms need to be re-submitted each rodeo season.  Please contact CRES for the form.

If an entry is made online that included buddies and or tags, only the main member of the entry (member who made the initial entry) is able to make changes online.  Any changes that wish to be made by members of the group will have to be made by calling the entry line.

Entries will be available to enter twenty four (24) hours in advance to entries opening in CRES.

Any information given while entering a rodeo through a CRES operator will be saved to your account for future use (i.e. – Buddies, events, etc.).

All entry rules still apply when using the Web-Entry Program.  All buddies must have a common event throughout the group (team roping partners are considered a common event)

Click below for a “How To” manual, and how to get started!

Please check often for updates!