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Terry CookeMay 17, 2020

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With the problems that Covid 19 is causing for not only our sport, but for the world in general, l want to touch on the current state of our association.

As you all know, our events have been cancelling and more are dropping off each week.

We are down to about 17 left as of today and those events are getting to the point of having to make a decision as to whether they can go. I am still hopeful we can have a few rodeos and at least salvage part of our season, but there is no guarantee that it will happen.

I have talked with some committees and they want to rodeo as much as you do and are hanging on and rescheduling to try their best to have an event. These committees are at the mercy of the provincial health authorities and can’t even move forward with plans as things are.

I'm not sure as to when we will decide on whether it would be feasible to still plan a CFR but the the decision will have to be made soon. If we end up with only a handful of events later in the season we will have to count them for the 2021 season.

Our association is in good shape financially and we will be in a solid position even if we loose the season.

The board of directors and our management have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our association will survive this pandemic that is financially crippling many organizations and businesses throughout the world. 

This virus is always going to be with us now and the way we do things is going to change in many ways. We will have to evolve a bit but l know we will carry on and find a way to prosper. It will become the new norm and we will roll on.

I remember when all this security at events and airports first started We thought it was crazy but now we just accept it and plan for it. This is just an example of how things change in our world and in a little while we will just move on as it becomes normal.

Let's just all be patient and hope all of this gets fixed soon and we can start doing what we love to do.

Please don’t hesitate to call your director or the office for updates any time. I am always available if you want to talk.


Terry Cooke
Canadian Professional Rodeo Association

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