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Maple Leaf Circuit

Maple Leaf CircuitContestants do not have to purchase a PRCA card in order to qualify for the Maple Leaf Circuit Finals but any money won will not count towards qualifying for the RAM National Circuit Finals in Florida.

If a CPRA contestant would like to qualify for the RAM National Circuit Finals they must purchase a PRCA card. Rodeo count/money won will not be back dated.

For 2019, contestant must be a Canadian resident to compete at the Circuit Final.
  - First year only to create a base number of rodeos for non-residents to compete at.
  - Rodeo count will either be 40% or 15 total rodeos (whichever is less).
Permit and semi pro memberships will be included.
The Maple Leaf Circuit will have a separate finals.
Rodeos that do not have ‘qualifications’ and that accept permits are automatically included in the Maple Leaf Circuit.
Any PRCA/CPRA Canadian resident is automatically assigned to the Maple Leaf Circuit.
  - Members can ask for an exemption but must write a letter of exemption (to the PRCA) stating why they do not want to be included.
  - PRCA will decide whether or not the member can be exempted.
Stock contractors and working personnel do not need a PRCA membership to work rodeos within the Maple Leaf Circuit unless they want to take stock to/work at the NFR or RAM National Circuit Finals.
Pick up men and Bull Fighters will be voted in for the Maple Leaf Circuit Finals .
Other working personnel need to apply and will be selected by the Circuit Finals committee.


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