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Breakaway RopingBreakaway Roping is an exciting new event making an appearance on the Canadian rodeo scene. As the event gains in popularity, the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association would like to clarify a few points:

  - While Breakaway Roping is not a CPRA sanctioned event; the CPRA is looking at the possibility of adding it as an optional event in 2020. As such, we need to make sure we have rules sufficient to handle the new event.
  - Breakaway Roping at the 2019 CFR is not running with the regular evening rodeo performances but as an exhibition event during the afternoons of Oct 31-Nov 1 with no affiliation to the CPRA championships.
  - Any rodeos that are holding a breakaway event are doing so separately from their CPRA sanctioning agreement, with Breakaway Roping being run either before or after the CPRA rodeo performance. 
  - Anyone awarded an All Around or High Point title in conjunction with the Breakaway Roping is not considered a CPRA All Around or High Point champion. In the CPRA, a contestant must compete in both a riding and timed event to earn an All Around title, and the High Point award requires competition in two major CPRA events.
  Look for more information with respect to Breakaway Roping and the CPRA in the coming months.

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