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Nominations are now being accepted for the Douglas Lake Ranch “Cowboy of the Year award”. Qualifications and judging categories are listed below.

1. Qualifications - Must have been a member in good standing for a least five years.

2. Categories for Judging - The categories set out for the award are ability, sportsmanship, appearance, personality and contributions to the bettermemt of the sport of rodeo. These categories are further defined as follows:

  A - Ability - 5 points
- Has he demonstrated outstanding ability?
- Has he had ‘try’ or has he been lucky?
- Does he work more than one event?
B - Sportsmanship - 5 points
- Does he accept victory and defeat as a pro?
- Is he fair in his dealings?
- Does he always abide by the rules and not try to gain an unfair advantage for himself?
- Does he help others - be they beginners or veterans?
- Does he try to change things for his own good, or for the general good of the sport?
C - Personality - 5 points
- Is he friendly, co-operative and open with all, be they young or veteran contestants, rodeo committees, the press or rodeo fans?
- Is he stable and consistent in his relationships?
- Is he a credit to the sport?
D - Appearance - 3 points
- Does he add to rather than detract from the production of a rodeo?
- Does he follow the rules with respect to dress at a rodeo?
- Is his appearance a credit to the sport and its image?
E - Contributions to the betterment of rodeo - 7 points
In what ways has he worked to improve rodeo?
i Promotion
- Has he always been co-operative with and available to the press?
- Has he willingly made appearances, given speeches and interviews, gone to schools etc., without a view to making a profit, but to help rodeo?
ii Development of the sport
- Has he served on the board, or committees, or carried out special projects beyond what is normally required of a member?
- Has he worked toward developing programs or sponsors for the sport generally, not just for himself?
- Has he had constructive suggestions for the improvement of the sport, and carried through on these?
- Has he done his share of judging when needed, or taken part in clinics, or acted as a spokesman when needed?
- Has he consistently had the interests of the CPRA as a priority - finding trophy donors, seeking new ways to gain exposure for rodeo and helping new fans?
- Has he, in short, extended himself for the good of rodeo, without consideration of immediate reward or gain?
- Has be been a consistent ambassador for rodeo?
3. Procedure for Selection
  All written nominations for Cowboy of the Year must be received by the Pro Rodeo Canada no later than SEPTEMBER 15, 2018.
The nominations should be as detailed as possible, establishing how the candidate has performed in each of the five categories. Only those
candidates for whom a written nomination has been received shall be considered by the selection committee.
B The selection committee shall consist of:
a Douglas Lake Ranch representative, the President of Pro Rodeo Canada (or a representative of the Association) and previous recipents of the Cowboy of the Year Award.

* Their selection will be made prior to the CFR.
* Nominations should be mailed or emailed to the Pro Rodeo Canada office:

Canadian Professional Rodeo Association
272245 Range Road 292
Airdrie, AB T4A 2L5


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