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CPRA 2023 Season

The CPRA requires a dedicated approach to social media over the course of the Rodeo Season and during the Canadian Finals Rodeo. This approach will not only focus on the Rodeo arena but also behind the scenes moments, partner commitments, and highlight both committees and athletes alike- there are great stories to tell, let’s tell them! The objective is to increase engagement on CPRA social channels and build on current following. This engagement and following will translate into increased brand awareness, greater reach, and thus increased value to current and future partners.
Purpose & Objectives - 2023 key focus areas:

1. Build more content, both dynamic and static, for the audiences to engage with and thus strengthen the brand in people's minds and feeds
Ideas for focus are:
a. Contestants and Stock
–––––i. Both inside and outside the arena
b. Rodeo Volunteers
c. Committees as a whole
d. Miss Rodeo Canada
e. People who make rodeo run at all levels

2. Help support and create awareness for CPRA sanctioned Rodeos by interacting - sharing and promoting these rodeos.

3. Communicate with membership- important announcements

4. Help promote Sponsors; some sponsors receive posts/mentions in their agreements.

The focus is not only on generating new followers, but also on engaging the followers and stakeholders we currently have while developing a strong rodeo presence.

Social Media Platforms:

(Note: the CPRA website is also integral to the overall communications plan, and you will work closely with our Communications Lead to ensure the strategy aligns. Content may be housed there as well.)
Below is a summary of the platforms CPRA uses:

Historically the same original content is shared across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stories often will originate as website feature stories with socials driving traffic to said stories.

Facebook – 30,000 likes, 33,441 followers, past calendar year reach of 1,824,986,
––• Traditionally has been the main source of information/reach
––• Currently more static content or sharing select content from other accounts.

Instagram – 1,382 followers, reach since Nov. 2, 2022 of 23,850 (Rebuilding followers on Instagram starting in Nov 2022 due to previous account being compromised)
––• Currently more static content or sharing select content from other accounts.
––• There is also a CPRA CRES Instagram page which is solely for contestant information that is managed in house and will not be your responsibility.

Twitter – 13,200 followers
––• Has not been used much for original content independent of Meta content and retweeting partner posts

––• Has not been much used, just to share highlight reels, would like to expand highlight packs.

• LinkedIn
––• Recently reactivated and has been used sparingly to date

––• Have not started a Tik Tok account to date but open to successful candidate leading creation.

Scope of Work

1. Dates of contract will be from May 2023 to end of December 2023. Potential to carry forward beyond December 2023.

2. Build a social media strategy that aligns with the CPRA communication goals. You will work closely with the General Manager and Communications Lead to ensure the approach is consistent with the overall media objectives for 2023.

a. There will be opportunity to create and lead the platforms while ensuring that they fit the brand standards.
b. Must incorporate the promotion and support of CPRA Rodeos, CFR, Maple Leaf Circuit Finals among others.
c. Manage the social media strategy and identify opportunities for new channels, types of content, formats etc.
d. Share both long- and short-term plans for approval with Communications Lead and General Manager
e. Plans can differ by platform depending on how you see the target audiences on each platform
f. A plan specific to the week of CFR and how to build behind the scenes, share scores, cover the rodeo, create content that can carry through the season.

3. Generate, edit, publish, and share engaging content daily (ex. original text, photos, videos, audio and news)

a. Video editing ability
b. Ability to create effective and creative graphics
c. Skilled in both oral and written communication

4. Analyze social media metrics and use data to inform and improve social media strategy.

5. Provide weekly updates to management to keep them up to date on channels and their metrics.

6. Access to all platforms will be provided
––––a. A nondisclosure agreement must be signed

7. Deliver the social media strategy created.

a. May to September – Focus on the milestones, contestants, contractors,, committees , and local rodeos
b. Nov 2 to 6 – Focus on live components of CFR, scores, what’s happening on site and around Red Deer
c. Post CFR – Years End
d. January 2024 – April 2024

8. Access to stored photos and footage will be provided. There may be a need to access photos at the rodeo office in Airdrie, work with Rodeos directly or their production companies on sourcing particular items.

9. Provide feedback during and after CFR (improvements, what worked, what we can improve for 2024)

10. Respond to community queries through our social networks.

11. You must be willing to work flexible hours- CPRA events are commonly evenings and weekends

12. This is not an in-office role.

13. This role's purpose is dedicated to building the CPRA’s brand rather than a third party’s brand.


Find a balance between fan engagement and member communications as the platforms do both at present.

Reports and Interdependencies

You will build out initial plan with both the CPRA GM and CPRA Communications Lead; once plan is in place and approved you will report to the Communications Lead. There will be regular meetings to ensure all parties are aligned on overall objectives.

Additionally, you will need to work with the communication lead regarding communications they initiate that need to hit our channels.

Being a Team player is important; other parties you may need to work or collaborate with include but are not limited to:

• Other CPRA staff
• CFR and Westerner Park
• Rodeo Production Teams
• Contestants
• Rodeo Committees
• Judges, Officials, Stock Contractors
• CPRA Photographers
• Other Rodeo Personalities

Bidder Information Required

• Brief overview of services you will provide
• Strategic framework as to how you will help the CPRA achieve its objectives, including any creative ideas that you may have
• Financial Proposal
• Terms and conditions
• If the execution of the work performed by your company requires the hiring of a sub-contractor, you must clearly state this in your proposal. Sub-contractors must be identified and the work they will perform must be defined.
• The price you submit will include all fees and G.S.T.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Please send your Social Media Proposal in confidence to:
Denny Phipps
General Manager, CPRA


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