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CAMROSE, AB - APRIL 27-29, 2018
Camrose Spring Classic Pro Rodeo
* Duane Daines Series
* Alberta Circuit
* Grass Roots Series

PRCA/WPRA Approved

3 performances: Fri April 27 @ 7pm, Sat April 28 @ 7pm, Sunday April 29 @ 2pm
Slack: Saturday April 28 @ 10:00 am
Slack Order: SW, TDR, TR, LBR
Purse for 7 Major Events: $3750 ($1875 Header $1875 Heeler)
Purse for BSR: $600
Permits: Permits Max

Committee Contact: Marilyn Lee
Rodeo Office: 780-672-3640
Rodeo Grounds: Camrose Regional Exhibition Event Centre
Main Stock Contractor: Outlaw Buckers
Other Contractors: Prairie Rodeo
Steer Riding Contractor: X6 Ranches (Carlier)
Timed Event Stock Contractor: Chute 9 Cattle Co
Cattle Run: 1/3 plus 2 – TDR & SW, ½ plus 2 – TR

Memberships Due: 04/11 @ 4pm
Online Entries: April 15 @ 8am – April 16 @ 2pm
CRES Entries: April 16 @ 8am – 2pm
Callback: April 17 @ 8am – 2pm
Trades Close: April 18 @ 2pm

Ground Rules:
1. No riders or running of stock in the arena a maximum of one and a half (1.5) hours prior to performance and an hour before slack start time.
2. Immediately following the slack, the arena must be cleared of all animals and contestants.
3. Barrel racing practice (including air barrels) is not allowed at any time.
Contestant Information:
1. Host Hotel: Norseman Inn (780) 672 9171
2. Grand Entry where it would be appreciated that contestants with horses participate.
3. Opening and Closing times of CRE Arena
a) Friday 3pm- 5:30pm for pre-perf warm up.
b) Saturday pre-slack warm up 7:30am-9am. Pre-perf warm up 3pm-5:30pm
c) Sunday 10am-12:30pm pre-perf warm up

* Please note: Other than the times stated, the building will be locked down and off limits to contestants. No exceptions. Absolutely no riders in the arena or running of stock in the arena one and a half (1.5) hours prior to performance and one hour before slack time. Pre-perf warm ups including pre-slack, barrel racing practice (including air barrels) is not allowed. *
4. Each event day leaders will make a victory lap around the arena. If the contestant does not have a horse, the committee will supply them with one.

5. Limited stalling available in Barn B/UFA pavilion. Please keep area clean.

6. Rodeo telephone: (780) 672 3640. All calls will be transferred to the rodeo office on site.
7. Contestant gates are located on the East gate off Exhibition Drive- this allows contestants access behind the arena. Entry to the arena is ONLY through the designated doors on the WEST end of the building.
* No Southside entry/exit doors are to be used. This applies for slack as well. *
8. Performance order of events- Grand Entry/Opening, Wild pony race, Bareback, Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc, Tie Down Roping, Jr. Steer Riding, Intermission, Ladies Barrels, Team Roping, Bull Riding.
9. Please be advised the Grand Entry will be 10 minutes prior to perf times. Friday/Saturday will be at 6:50pm and Sunday at 1:50pm.
10. Concession available - will be open Saturday morning if slack is required.
11. Dance Saturday evening- 9:30 pm doors open with dance to follow entertainment. TBA- No minors. Picture ID required as per AGLC rules. Contestants will be given free entry into dance by showing their 2017 membership cards. Free shuttle bus service starting at 11pm will be in place from the CRE site to various stops in the City of Camrose.
* Please do not drink and drive - we encourage you to take advantage of this service *
12. No smoking anywhere in CRE facility.
13. NO DOGS allowed in the arena at any time, nor are they to be running loose on the CRE grounds.
14. Contestant entry is located on the WEST end of the building. No entry will be allowed through any other doors.
Any disrespect towards the Rodeo Committee, volunteers, CRE staff, or agents will NOT be tolerated, and you will be removed from the rodeo grounds whether the incident had occurred before/during or after your event- ZERO TOLERANCE Policy is in place and will be strictly enforced.

CPRA/PRCA 2018 Membership Cards must be shown to security at contestant’s door. If cards are not available contestants MUST provide PICTURE ID to gain access. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any card holders (with exception of Hall of Fame and CPRA Gold Card Members) wanting a companion ticket MUST enter through contestant door. No companion tickets will be issued at the main doors and you will be turned away and directed to the contestant door. Whether your companion wants a seating ticket or not they still must be checked through security at the back (contestant) door. Companion rule applies regardless of seating ticket or not. As CPRA rules 1 companion allowed with a contestant at the door and a companion pass must be produced. Please be advised that if a contestant arrives with his/her spouse and children (immediate family-not extended) they will be admitted- the above rule applies when contestants arrive with an entourage (not immediate family).

Contestants a/o companions requesting a seat ticket will be allocated seating to SECTION H only. All seats are assigned (Section, Row#_, Seat #_.) to sit you must have a ticket issued to you by security at the contestant door. There will be no exception to this rule. The only alternative will be to purchase a full price ticket at the main door. Our security/ushers will be checking tickets to comply with this rule.

Venue Policy: Children who have not celebrated their 2nd birthday will be allowed in for free (must sit on adult’s lap) everyone else must have/purchase tickets.

Please be advised - Contestants/companions standing room is limited within the building. You will be asked to move away from certain areas (e.g.: announcer stand, stairwells, handicap platform, gates, etc.) or not to block the flow of people. We ask for your corporation in this regard.

CRE compound, shop, and barn A are off limit to all contestants.

Sport Medicine Team will be on site for the entire rodeo.

Troy Fischer Silverworks Ram Rodeo
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