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Miss Rodeo Canada
Alicia Erickson - Miss Rodeo Canada 2020

Alicia Erickson - Miss Rodeo CanadaHalf of 2020 has now passed, and I can’t wait to walk into the next six months with my Miss Macie Boots!

The Miss Macie Boot Company, and LaDane Smith have been an incredible sponsor throughout the three years that we’ve had the opportunity to work with them. Thank you for being an inspiration to many, and for helping women (all over the world) gain the confidence to stand on their own two feet, and take the road less travelled.

I was so excited to finally visit my favourite hat shop, where I had a beautiful, burgundy SmithBilt waiting for my return! I’ve always been a person who loves the odd challenge, so I was enthusiastic when Brian Hanson asked if I wanted to sing our national anthem on top of their giant hat replica. Much to my surprise it was climbing the ladder that had my knees trembling, and I now know that I will never make a fire fighter.

MRC - Smithbuilt HatsThough we aren’t seeing much of rodeo in Canada this year, our Canadian athletes are having great success south of the border. I have been following along with their journeys through the (PRCA) website, and the live streamed rodeos that the covers. I will continue posting weekend results on the Miss Rodeo Canada Facebook, and MRC Instagram page, so that you can all follow along too!

The cancellation of the 47th Canadian Finals Rodeo was a hard decision for all. But the safety of every person involved in putting on this large event is top priority. Our thoughts are with all of the rodeo athletes, sponsors, personal, and fans that are greatly affected but these tough circumstances.

There are greater things to come in the near future; we are all in this together.

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020

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MRC - Autograph SheetsThe May flowers are in full bloom, creating that beautiful Alberta scenery that we’ve all been missing over the past seven months.

Earlier in the month I created a media post where individuals could write me their mailing info, and I would send them a signed picture. I believe I signed around two hundred photos, and loved being able to personalize each one of them. Thank you for letting me spread some cheer.

Many of you ask how I keep myself busy with no rodeos to attend, and let me tell you THIS kept me (and the post office) busy for days!

Keeping me even more busy was the online interviews and podcasts that I had the opportunity to do. Jordan Tierney (Miss Rodeo America 2020) and I have been working on a couple informative videos that I can’t wait to share with you all!

Another reason I love this month is because branding season begins! Brandings are a time to bring family and friends together to celebrate the hard work done throughout calving season. I love having the opportunity to lend a working hand, and to sneak in roping a couple calves as well!

MRC-brandingOur official jewelry sponsor, Montana Silversmiths gives Miss Rodeo Canada the opportunity to share “Montana Moments”. I was able to have one of these moments at a branding that I attended. My friend Chesney is such a hard working and determined young girl, and I had been wanting to do something to show her my appreciation. Giving her a customized hat feather was perfect, as the feather symbolizes strength in which I want her to have, to know that she can conquer any future goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

Usually in May I would have attended the Leduc Black Gold Professional Rodeo, and The Grand Prairie Stompede. Under the circumstances that was not an option this year but I am looking forward to being with you all in 2021!

The month of June is looking bright and hopeful, I can’t wait until we can all rodeo again!

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020

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Alicia with young fan Little MRC Princess Rodeo Queens do Zoom
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Alicia Erickson - Miss Rodeo CanadaApril showers bring May flowers

I think this saying holds a lot of meaning as trying times may lead to beautiful outcomes.

The month of April was a bit different for me, it was challenging - but who doesn’t like a good challenge? Because I cannot currently travel or make face-to-face connections with people, my role as Miss Rodeo Canada changed a little bit. But I can still promote rodeo, our sponsors, and the western way of life by being creative with social media.

Not only did April bring showers, it brought my dream saddle and chaps! Vern McDonald with C5 Rodeo makes it possible for Miss Rodeo Canada to design a saddle that will be cherished for the rest of her life. I spent a lot of the month in the arena, and out in the pasture breaking in my new leather masterpiece.

One of the other hobbies that I enjoy is painting, so I honoured some of our sponsors through hand painted Easter eggs! My Easter was spent with immediate family over some ham and lots of chocolate mini eggs.

Later in the month Terry Andryo with ATB Financial kindly invited me as his guest onto the Dave Kelly Live show, where we discussed the impact that COVID-19 has had on the rural, and rodeo community. I want to thank Terry for acknowledging the great partnership that Miss Rodeo Canada and ATB Financial have. We are so thankful to be a part of Team ATB; they truly support their teammates in every aspect.

Visiting SeniorsThe last day of the month was one of my favourites, as I took my two horses and headed into town to the St. Mary’s Hospital. I was able to do a two horse, one queen parade and spread some smiles through the windows and the streets of Trochu. They loved seeing the new chaps that Keena Chausse with Ck Leather generously built for me. It was the first time that I got to show case the bright colours, and fringed details of my personalized, handcrafted chaps. Thank you to the health-care workers who made it safe to create this great experience.

* I’m looking forward to May flowers

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020

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Easter! Covid Visiting MRC Saddle
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I remember the first time I spoke my name into a microphone, it scared me to hear the sound of my own voice. Seventeen years later I wouAlicia Erickson - Miss Rodeo Canadald have never guessed that I would be singing the Canadian National Anthem in front of thousands of people.

On March 6th I spent some time in my Innisfail Chrysler truck while driving to Lethbridge for their Professional Bull Riding event. I was honoured to sing in the opening of both performances, meet the hard-working individuals on the PBR production side, and mingle with the crowd. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your incredible show!

After Lethbridge I drove straight back North to judge the Kneehill 4-H District Public Speaking. From riding lessons to skating lessons, I have taught many of the upcoming youth in 4-H and love seeing their growth throughout the years.

One mid-March morning felt like Christmas to me, as a big box labeled with Montana Silversmiths showed up in the mail! Not only is my crown and buckle designed by Montana Silversmiths, but they are also the official jewelry sponsor of Miss Rodeo Canada. I can’t wait to show you some of their pieces that I will be wearing all year long, you can also view them at

While travelling away from home is not an option right now, this down time has helped me reflect on the first three amazing months of my reign as Miss Rodeo Canada 2020. I am so grateful for the continuous support from our program sponsors and fans.

Alicia and fans

I encourage you to keep following my journey, though many of us are in question about the future right now, promoting rodeo and sharing the stories of our Canadian athletes, stock and sponsors will always continue.

~ I am thinking of all affected by COVID-19; stay safe!


Leth Bull Riding Alicia and young fan
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Silver Spurs Rodeo - FloridaMonth 2/12 as Miss Rodeo Canada 2020 has come to a close, and hopefully Balzac Billy (the groundhog) was correct about his predication. Spring is supposed to be on its way!

Valentine's Day this year was especially good to me, I received the best gift - a BRAND NEW Dodge pick-up from Innisfail Chrysler. I now have a reliable vehicle to travel many miles throughout Canada and the United States of America… oh and the remote start/heated seats are quite the perk too! Thank you to our amazing sponsors that make this possible; they can be viewed at

I had ONE day of admiring my new truck, before flying out to Florida on February 16th but I couldn’t complain - I was heading to the sunshine state! I was so happy to be reunited with Jordan Tierney (Miss Rodeo America 2020) where we were hosted by the most wonderful people - Laura Kessler, and Gary and Rayelynne Ketchum. We do quite a bit of work on this trip, but Miss Laura plans many tourism activities that balance out perfectly. Over thirty queens, and myself visited more than ten schools and educated students about the history/events in rodeo. I was able to experience so many “firsts” including: hog hunting, snake holding, gator catching, frog leg eating, beach wave crashing, air boating, blueberry picking fun. At the Silver Spurs Rodeo in Kissimmee I represented the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association along with seven other Canadian rodeo athletes, and cheered them on as five out of seven took home some winnings!

Miss Rodeo Canada - GatorlandI love having the opportunity to travel and share Canadian rodeo, culture, and the traditions we have that sometimes differ so greatly from others. On my last day in Florida one of the local queens came up to me and said, “Before I met you I didn’t really know what to think of Canada, but now that I’ve learned about the people, rodeo, and lifestyle, I have such a great impression of your country”. That one comment made me so happy, and I couldn’t have had a better experience in your beautiful state, Thank you Florida!

I returned to Canada on February 24, got re-climatized to the cold weather, and headed straight to Trochu Valley School. As a proud member of the ATB Financial team, I jumped at the opportunity to take a stand against bullying with them, and do a presentation about Pink Shirt Day. This was right up my alley as one of my future goals is to facilitate mental health programming in high schools.

On February 28, I attended and sang along to a televised concert put on by Stampede City Sessions and funded by ATB Financial. Thank you Terry Andryo (Director of Community Initiatives - Reputation and Brand ATB Financial) and team for inviting me to be a part of this amazing experience!

I’m looking forward, driving into March with a new set of wheels!

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020

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Pink Shirt Day ATB Financial - MRC Sponsors
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Miss Rodeo Canada - Alicia EricksonThe first full month of a 365-day reign. January kicked off my year with a trip to Denver, Colorado for the Western Apparel Market and National Western Stock Show and Rodeo.

On January 10th I started my travels sitting in the pilot's seat (literally)... and assured the rest of the plane that Miss Rodeo Canada is a very responsible co-pilot.

The WESA show was like something I had never seen before. While visiting Wrangler I met Jordan Tierney, Miss Rodeo America, for the first time and I know that her and I are going to have an incredible year together! I was introduced to some of my amazing sponsors... Montana Silversmiths, Wrangler, Miss Macie Boots, Dan Post Boots and BEX. It was great to make personal connections with them all and I am excited to keep building our relationship for the future.

Alicia Erickson with a young fanOn January 13th I made my way over to the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. Throughout the week I carried the American Flag at the PBR, carried flags every performance of the rodeo, visited the Children’s Hospital, the Denver Zoo, and the Canadian Consulate building. My favourite rodeo performance had to be Canada night, as I was honored to sing our National Anthem and cheer on the Canadian athletes. I completed four school visits, where I would ask the children if they knew where Canada was. At one of the school visits a young girl (kindergarten) immediately raised her hand and said “YES! I’ve been to the North Pole.” I responded with “Well not quite, but it is about that cold in Canada!”

Then off I went to the 46th Annual Steamboat Springs Cowboy Downhill Ski Race. The race was on and here comes Miss Rodeo Canada up the back stretch and down the 6-foot drop! I will let your imaginations go from there.

My time in Denver was phenomenal, and the National Western Stock Show committee welcomed me with open arms. Thank you for making my first month, and first rodeo as Miss Rodeo Canada 2020 so memorable.

Alicia Erickson
Miss Rodeo Canada 2020

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Denver Zoo Denver Stock Show and Rodeo

Troy Fischer Silverworks Ram Rodeo
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